Mar 182015

The world’s most expensive skateboard is developed entirely from pure gold. Worth a  $15,000, it is a 99.999 percent electro-plated gold skateboard and comes with a pair of cotton archival gloves to protect the mirror finish from getting smudged.

Avid skateboarder Matthew Willet designed the board and said it also glows when put inside a room. The world’s most skateboard dubbed “The Golden Skateboard” was designed by Willet for the skateboard shop SHUT which is based in New York.

Willet said it took him several trial and errors before completing the board and that he chose to keep the process a secret. It is 31.5 inches long, 8 inches wide and weighs 80 percent heavier than the usual skateboard.

The skateboard is fully functional but anybody especially the lucky buyer would rather keep it than ride on it as its every component is plated with gold.

 Posted on March 18, 2015  Cars & More