Aug 122015

This superb Villa built in the well renowned mediteranian style, located in the hills of Toscana in Italy has a name, very good matching to the place ” Fontelunga” (meaning eternal spring).This nine-room residence is compound with two additional villas. The way to the Villa is a rural road with the impression of a tunnel given by the leafy trees.Each of the rooms are named after a precious stone like Ametista (Amethyst) or Avorio (Ivory), with the specific colours reflected in the styling of the bedrooms.

While emanating classic Tuscany characteristics, Villa Fontelunga also reflects a modern interior featuring an open kitchen, colourfull paintings, a comprehensive library and a 24-hour honesty bar. One of the highlights of a stay here is the joy of breakfasts on its sunny open terrace overlooking the olive grove. The menu includes a selection of cheeses, hams, eggs and delicious local honey and breads. Although lunches are served periodically upon request, Philip, the property’s interior designer, and his Italian partner Paulo, host three-course dinner parties for guests.

Being a place of relaxation and for those who intend to escape the daily routine there is no TV to be found.For the fitness enthusiast, there’s a small outdoor swimming pool, a tennis court, and an outdoor Jacuzzi.



 Posted on August 12, 2015  Destinations