Mar 302015

“I thought that the timeless, elegant pattern design of a Fabergé Pine Cone Easter egg would look beautiful on the Stratocaster body. The guitar’s curves and flowing shape perfectly fit the rounded profile of the Faberge masterpiece. The goal was to make a very clean and vibrant tribute to old-world craftsmanship.

Connecting such diverse objects separated by a century of time posed an intriguing challenge. Along with a flawless single-piece maple body and an exhibition-grade bird’s-eye maple neck, the guitar incorporates many never-before-seen techniques. In addition, all metal hardware on guitar is hand-engraved in the style of the era when the original Pine Cone Egg was made. Two objects, so different in look and purpose, are now united in one style with a matching serial number—#0074.” Yuiy Shishkov

550 high-grade diamonds are hand-embedded into the body to make them level with its surface. Fingerboard inlays, side dots and a carved headstock “belt” are also crowned with the spectacular jewels. Each Pine Cone “scale” is gilded with fine silver and 18-karat gold after being traced and hand carved from a 3-D original egg image projected onto the instrument. Shishkov hand-inlaid 10 feet of 18-karat gold wire trellis into the fingerboard. The hand-engraved hardware is also gold-plated, including custom knobs milled from scratch and adorned with diamonds. To complete the look, Shishkov invented a finish that complements the blue multi-composite stain and three additional coatings. The warm, subtle look imparted by this special finish painstakingly mimics the eggshell gloss of the Fabergé egg.

The Pine Cone Stratocaster is accompanied by an authentic limited-edition Fabergé Pine Cone Easter egg with matching serial number. The egg is signed by Maison Tatiana Fabergé and, like the original, features a miniature elephant inside. Completing the astounding presentation are a premium lighted display case, velvet box and hand-tooled matching blue leather strap.




 Posted on March 30, 2015  Jewels & Watches