Nov 042015

Imperiali Geneve, a company founded by two longtime friends — David Pasciuto and Stéphane Nazzal. Their desire is to make it more than a brand, to be an art of living, driven by the obbsessive love for beauty and an uncompromising desire to innovate by playing with and overcoming the laws of physics.

The dimensions of this impressive piece of art are 70 cm long, 45 cm wide and 30 cm high, built from 2,675 components and is covered by several international patents, which is probably the most expensive cigar chest in the world with a price of 1,000,000 CHF

It takes 18,000 hours of work by nearly one hundred professionals, watchmakers, designers, engineers to create this unique masterpiece that combines haute horologerie with the craftmanship of the cigar industry.


By the opening of the top the first thing that captures your attention is the imposing  Imperiali flying tourbillon timepiece, placed at the centre of the stage, made from 323 components, entirely assembled by master watchmakers from the Swiss Jura, featuring high-end finishes, such as a Clous de Paris guilloche dial.

Also very meticulously placed are the three mechanical high precission instruments that tell in real time the humidity, temperature, power reserve and the number of cigars remaining! The Emperador guarantees a constant humidity level of 70% and a temperature of 16 to 18 degrees Celsius, regardless of external environmental conditions.

Also with a big visual impact are the 24k gold plated  cigars arranged in individual glass tubes, waiting to the enjoyed by the connoiseur of fine cigars. The cigar chest also contains a mechanical cigar cutter, a table lighter and an ashtray, all made with the greatest attention to details.


The Emperador cigars reproduce the richness, complexity and balance of the best Cuban cigars. Hundreds of combinations of tobacco carefully selected by the blender were required to achieve the perfect alliance. The Jalapa Valley (north Nicaragua) and theJamastran Valley (south Honduras) are the fertile soils chosen for the Imperiali plantations, the El Dorado of Cuban emigrants who arrived equipped with their seeds and expertise.


To enjoy the cigar to its fullest the rituals must be kept. The cutting, the lighting and the savouring is also assisted by the mechanically precise cutting guillotine,the cutting point assisted by a laser beam,the lighting that is made by the three nozzles that warm gently up the cigar from the margin slowly to the center, tillits ready to be savoured. The ashtray is equipped with a motion sensor that opens in a fraction of a second to collect the golden dust, in the form of ash.




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